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Professor Derek Mann FMedSci

Job Title
Chair of Hepatology
Faculty of Medical Sciences
Newcastle University
Year elected



The biology of inflammation, fibrosis and cancer in the context of age-related chronic disease.

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Medical and veterinary specialties and paediatrics

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Derek Mann, Chair of Hepatology at Newcastle University, has made a series of discoveries that help describe mechanisms by which liver disease progresses to cirrhosis. He identified epigenetic processes controlling the fibrosis-promoting activities of liver myofibroblasts and led the discovery of angiotensin and serotonin pathways that become deranged in liver disease and translated this work to a clinical study on Losartan in fatty liver disease. Professor Mann’s leadership is demonstrated by 10 years directorship of the Newcastle Fibrosis Group which is considered world-leading. He was also previously Scientific Director of the Institute of Cellular Medicine and was recently appointed Dean of Research for the Faculty of Medicine at Newcastle.

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