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Professor Ashley Woodcock OBE FMedSci

Job Title
Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Faculty of Medical and Health Science
University of Manchester
Year elected



early phase trials in asthma/COPD, gene environment interactions in allergy/asthma, ozone layer protection

Section committee elected by

Medical and veterinary specialties and paediatrics

Ashley Woodcock is Professor Respiratory Medicine at the University of Manchester. His work has focussed on understanding the role of environmental factors in driving asthma. He has undertaken complex and difficult clinical trials on primary and secondary allergen avoidance as an approach to prevention of asthma and showed that these measures increased rather than decreased allergen sensitization. More recently his research has concerned gene-environmental interactions in early childhood asthma. In Manchester he has developed an environment where young scientists are flourishing and developing studies of chronic cough, fungal lung diseases, cystic fibrosis and COPD. Another rather different contribution is his chairmanship of the Montreal Protocol concerning removal of chlorofluorocarbons.

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