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Professor Jonathan Nguyen-Van-Tam MBE FMedSci

Job Title
Clinical Professor and Head: Health Protection and Influenza
Epidemiology and Public Health
University of Nottingham
Year elected



Respiratory virus infections; epidemiology; public health policy; vaccinology; therapeutics.

Section committee elected by

Primary care, health services research, health informatics, health improvement, social sciences, humanities, law, policy, communication or leadership as applied to health or biomedical science

Jonathan Van-Tam, Clinical Professor and Head: Health Protection and Influenza at the University of Nottingham, has been a major scientific influence on the prevention and management of influenza and respiratory viruses for over 25 years. As Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England during the Covid-19 pandemic, he has provided the main impetus to co-ordinate research and development including the urgent public health research programme, the Therapeutics Task Force, the Vaccines Task Force and development of a human challenge programme. Professor Van-Tam has established a formidable reputation with the public and is renowned for his ability to demystify complex science, combined with a straightforward, no-frills, communication style.

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