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Dr Roger Highfield FMedSci

Job Title
Science Director, Science Museum Group
The Science Museum
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Roger Highfield is the Science Director of the Science Museum Group and visiting professor of public engagement at the Dunn School, Oxford, and Department of Chemistry, UCL.

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Physics, chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology, mathematical sciences including statistics, informatics, imaging and engineering applied to biomedicine

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Roger Highfield is Director of The Science Museum Group and is an exceptional leader and science communicator. Throughout his career, he has excelled at ensuring that complex medical issues are widely communicated and understood. He established the Science Page at the Daily Telegraph, writing many influential articles, before moving to become the Editor of the New Scientist. Over the last eight years, he has been a Director of the Science Museum Group and a contributing editor to Wired. Dr Highfield marries excellent communication skills with working closely with leading scientists, always making sure that facts are correct but can be understood by the public.

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