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Dr Fiona Marshall FMedSci

Job Title
VP Head of Discovery Research MRL UK
MSD Research Laboratories (Merck & Co)
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Drug Discovery, G protein-coupled receptors, Neuroscience

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Physics, chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology, mathematical sciences including statistics, informatics, imaging and engineering applied to biomedicine

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Fiona Marshall is Chief Science Officer at Hepartes Therapeutics Ltd. Her work has contributed to the scientific understanding of the mechanism of action and role of G-protein couple receptors across the breadth of different receptor classes. The significance of the field of Fiona’s work is the GPCRs are major drug targets across a broad range of therapeutic areas. Understanding their molecular structure in terms of subunit interactions and ligand building and activity is crucial for drug discovery and development. Fiona’s work has been conducted in industry in Glaxo and GlaxoWellcome and subsequently Heptares Therapeutics, a leading Drug discovery biotechnology company where she is a founding CSO.

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