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James Harden - Head of Grants Schemes

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Staff Details

020 3141 3243

I've been at the Academy of Medical Sciences since May 2017, and have oversight for the delivery of the Academy's portfolio of grant schemes.  My role requires me to work closely with UK Government, the UK Academies, and a variety of external stakeholders, to include overseas partners.  I have experience in the design, development, implementation and management of complex grant schemes; in overseeing the compliance of funds being purposed under the terms of UK Overseas Development Assistance (ODA); and in partnership management.

I previously worked at the Wellcome Trust, where I had oversight of the organisation's portfolio of grant schemes for clinical academics, and have degrees from the University of London: a BSc in Biology with Environmental Studies and a MSc in Environmental Science.

In my spare time, I volunteer at the London Wetland Centre, and enjoy running, walking and birdwatching.  For my sins, I am also a season ticket holder at Barnet Football Club!

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