Restoring neurological function

In 2004 Academy report on restoring neurological function.


In 2002 the Council of the Academy of Medical Sciences approved the establishment of a Working Group to discuss the prospects for developing new treatments and to identify the obstacles to their implementation in neurorehabilitation.

This followed an Academy scientific meeting of neuroscientists, clinical academics and NHS healthcare workers in April 2002 on the same issue.

A draft Report was circulated for consultation at the end of August 2003 then sent out for Review. The final report was published in March 2004. It recommended that:

  • The NHS and academic community should collaborate to create a number of Regional Neurorehabilitation Research Centres (RNRCs) each closely associated with one or more universities.
  • Recruitment, training and career structures should be improved as incentives for those undertaking or wishing to undertake research into neurorehabilitation.
  • The Higher Education Funding Councils (HEFCs) and DH should provide funding, in the first instance, for 1-3 RNRCs whilst the research councils and medical research charities should provide a portfolio of enabling funds.
  • A research culture should be fostered within the RNRCs to ensure knowledge is disseminated.

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