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Professor John Stein FMedSci

Job Title
Emeritus Professor Physiology and Fellow, Magdalen College
Dept Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics
University of Oxford
Year elected



visuomotor control - cerebellum - posterior parietal cortex - temporal processing - developmental dyslexia - deep brain stimulation - omega 3 fatty acids .

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Neuroscience (including neurology and neurosurgery), physiology, pharmacological sciences

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John Stein, Emeritus Professor of Physiology at Oxford, has made outstanding contributions to medical science through his teaching and lecturing both nationally and internationally. His work on the cerebellum as a predictor of future motor states is now widely accepted. His work in dyslexia has provided genetic and physiological insights into why so many children have reading problems, and his work on deep brain stimulation has led to new understanding of how this works. He lectures regularly to schools on medicine and the fascination of neuroscience and how to study these at University, with many of his former students achieving considerable success. He has been a longstanding advisor to the UK and international dyslexia associations.

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