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Professor Jason Chin FMedSci

Job Title
Programme Leader MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
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synthetic biology, chemical biology, genetic code expansion.

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Physics, chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology, mathematics, informatics and engineering applied to biomedicine

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Programme Leader at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Jason Chin's research achievements are in pioneering the development and application of methods for genetically encoding unnatural amino acids into proteins in bacteria, eukaryotic cells and animals. Key accomplishments include the development of methods for the quantitative and site specific installation of key post-translational modifications, new insights into the regulation of protein structure, function and activity by post-translational modifications, and the first genetic code expansion in animals. Professor Chin's group has developed a foundation for revealing the molecular basis of biological processes with unprecedented precision and their methods have been adopted by many laboratories worldwide.

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