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Professor Angus Dalgleish FMedSci

Job Title
Foundation Chair of Oncology
Division of Clinical Sciences
St George's, University of London
Year elected



medical oncology, clinical immunology, immunopathogeneses of HIV, tumour immunology, development of cancer vaccines including dendritic cells for melanoma, renal and prostate cancer, immunomodulatory drugs (IMiDS)

Section committee elected by

Medical and veterinary specialties and paediatrics

Professor Angus Dalgleish is Professor of Oncology at St Georges Hospital Medical School London. He has made seminal observations relating to the virology of HIV. In particular he identified CD4 as a major receptive for HIV in humans, produced the first report of a link between Slim Disease in Africa and HIV infection. He also identified the close correlation between the immune response and the presence of tropical spastic paraparesis in patients infected with the HTLV-1 virus.

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