Fellowship diversity statistics

The Academy is committed to working towards diversity and equality of opportunity both in the organisation, practices and work of the Academy, and in the wider academic workforce. As part of this, we provide annual breakdowns of the make-up of our Fellowship.


As of August 2018, the Fellowship was equally split between clinical and non-clinical researchers. While the percentage of women Fellows across the whole Fellowship was 18%, the proportion of women Fellows elected each cycle has been increasing year on year. Since 1998, the percentage of women Fellows elected to the Academy per year has increased from 7% to 33%. 

  Male Female Other/ PNS Total
Fellowship (Clinical) 546 78 7 631
Fellowship (Non-clinical) 471 153


Total Fellowship

1017 (81%)

231 (18%)

13 (1%)











As of August 2018, the Academy holds ethnicity data for 82% of its Fellowship, and is undertaking data collection to bring this up to 100%. The ethnicity breakdown for the Fellowship is:

  Any white background BAME Other/PNS Information not collected Total
Total Fellowship 939 (79%) 70 (6%) 24 (2%) 228 (18%) 1261


As of 2018, the geographical spread of the Fellowship by region is as follows:

For a full breakdown of the Academy's diversity data across all our programmes, please see our annual diversity report. For the Fellowship, this includes a detailed breakdown of the make-up of candidates, panel members and Fellows elected. For more information about our ongoing work towards diversity and equality of opportunity, please visit our dedicated equality and diversity main page.

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