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Professor Janette Atkinson FMedSci

Job Title
Professor of Psychology and Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Department of Developmental Science
University College London (UCL)
Year elected



neurobiological basis of normal and abnormal visual, visuo-motor and visuo-cognitive development in infants/young children, population infant vision screening using videorefraction, vision in children with neurodevelopmental disorders including perinatal

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Medical specialties (excluding oncology, neurology) and paediatrics

Janette Atkinson is Professor in the Visual Development Unit at the Department of Psychology, University College London. She is internationally renowned for her innovative research on vision, in particular as a pioneer in the study of early human visual development. She has contributed to the understanding and assessment of visual abnormalities related to strabismus, amblyopia and congenital cataract and has directed large scale, population-based infant vision screening programmes and did important controlled trials.

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