Equality and diversity

The Academy of Medical Sciences is undertaking work to address equality and diversity issues both in our Fellowship and in the wider academic workforce.

Undertaking Follow Up

The diversity of talent amongst our elected Fellows ensures that the Academy is able to deal with complex health issues, which extend beyond traditional boundaries.

The Academy is committed to encouraging diversity and equality of opportunity in the organisation, practices and work of the Academy. This applies to every sphere of Academy activity. We will strive to ensure that no individual or group is treated more or less favourably than others on grounds of ethnicity, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, religion or belief.

To ensure that policies and processes within the Academy encourage the nomination, election and full participation of women within the Academy’s portfolio of activities, a small task force of Fellows was convened to consider the issues impacting on the representation of women in the Fellowship and within the academic workforce more widely.



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