Ensuring a first class workforce

The UK's status as a world leader in medical research is underpinned by its first class workforce. We want to see the next generation of medical scientists navigate a clear career path, with the right funding opportunities, whether that is in the clinic or the laboratory.

Through our careers policy work, we: monitor the research, healthcare and higher education landscape; respond to changes and challenges in training and career structures; and identify key issues on the horizon where we can shape policy and make a difference to researchers across the biomedical disciplines. Our careers policy work is led by the Academic Careers Committee, which works across the spectrum of clinical and biomedical research careers.

We also work with the Royal Society to support researchers with exceptional talent or promise who wish to work in the UK.

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  • Team Science: We have recently undertaken a policy project looking at the incentives and disincentives for researchers to participate in large collaborative projects. The project focussed on how recognition of such contributions can be improved in career-relevant decision making, such as recruitment, promotion and grant allocation. The project engaged with funders, employers, publishers and researchers from multiple countries and from academia, industry and the NHS.
  • Shape of Training: We provided input to the 2013 review, which looked at potential reforms to the structure of postgraduate medical education and training. Having issued an initial response to the report upon its publication, we are now monitoring the development and implementation of the report's recommendations. The Academy wants to see reforms embed research awareness across the medical workforce and nurture future research leaders.


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