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Two Fellows elected to the British Academy in 2018

Two Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences have been elected to the British Academy in 2018. Professor Sir David Cannadine, President of the British Academy said: “I am delighted to welcome this year’s exceptionally talented new Fellows to the Academy. Including ...

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Genome editing and human reproduction

The development of genome editing technologies - such as CRISPR-Cas9 - has led to widespread discussion about their potential to modify a human embryo, sperm or egg cell in order to prevent disease or influence other heritable characteristics. Last  week, the Nuffield Council on Bi...

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Post Zika: ‘invisible children’ need recognition and support

A new joint Academy report on childhood neurodevelopment disorders in Brazil calls for more to be done to bring children suffering from these conditions into the healthcare system, was published today (Friday 20 July). The report points to a serious lack of evidence based interventions ...

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How to prepare for a warming world: cross-Academy symposium

Some of the world’s leading early and mid-career researchers and innovators will gather in Rio de Janeiro from 16-19 July to address the impact that rising global temperatures will have on coastal communities, oceans and water resources. From developing solutions to marine plastic...

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