FORUM Annual Lecture 2017

14.30, Wednesday 06 September 2017

On Wednesday 6 September 2017, the Academy will host its 15th FORUM Annual Lecture on 'The mind-body interface'. The keynote will be given by Dr Kevin Tracey, President and CEO, The US Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, followed by a panel discussion chaired by Professor Sir Robert Lechler PMedSci, with distinguished guests including:

  • Professor Ed Bullmore FMedSci, Vice-President Immunopsychiatry, GlaxoSmithKline, and Head of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Matthew Hotopf, Professor of General Hospital Psychiatry, King's College London
  • Dr Brenda Penninx, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology, EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

Video recordings of the lecture and subsequent panel discussion will be made available on the Academy's YouTube channel, and a summary report will be published following the meeting.

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