Activities and Impacts of the INSPIRE Programme

Since INSPIRE's launch in 2013 we have delivered four rounds of grant funding to support initiatives across the UK.

For a brief overview of the activities implemented by each school and the impacts they have had, please click on the school of your choice below. Each document was produced using information obtained from End of Grant Reports.

Small Grants 1

Panel: December 2012
Awards: 31
Awards total: 

Awarded Schools:

All medical schools in the UK were successful in their application.

Special Projects Fund

Panel: June 2014
Awards: 9
Awards total: £114,043

Awarded organisations and projects:


Small Grants 2

Panel: December 2014
Awards: 22 
Awards total: £217,478

Awarded schools:

Small Grants 3

Panel: June 2016
Awards: 8
Awards total: £76,650.

Awarded schools:

Horizon scanning workshop - Manchester

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