Career development workshop

22 February 2017, afternoon
Academy of Medical Sciences, London

On the day before the main Spring Meeting, we will hold a career development workshop at the Academy of Medical Sciences. This is a chance for Spring Meeting competitors to learn skills that will help them to get the most out of the Spring Meeting the next day!

The workshop is also a great opportunity to meet other trainees before the big day, especially if you don’t know anyone else who will be there.

Pitching Ideas
How can you make your presentations persuasive and engaging? Why do we remember some people’s talks many months later, but can’t recall others? How do you drive home a message, to funders, peers or senior colleagues? In this interactive workshop you will learn simple tools and approaches to deliver a compelling argument. You will discuss real-life examples to help you become a more confident and convincing speaker. No more ‘death by Powerpoint’!
Networking events whilst fun for some people can seem a daunting prospect for many. This short programme centres around ten top tips for networking. We take a lively, practical approach to learning tools and techniques to overcome the perceived obstacles that get in the way of us meeting new people, creating and maintaining meaningful conversations, working the room, and nurturing good business relationships, not only at networking events but in our working lives.

INSPIRE Sharing Conference

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Succeeding in Team Science

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Mentoring Masterclass, Leicester

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