What mentors say about our workshops

Nicky Cullum

I found this mentorship workshop invaluable – irrespective of whether I ever get “chosen” as an Academy mentor I have already taken this learning and applied it. Having never really thought or learned about mentorship previously I can honestly say that at the end of this short workshop I felt confident that I had a really good insight into what it is/is not. Amy Iversen’s style is incredibly engaging and one cannot help but be stimulated to think and contribute to the discussions.


On arrival I was a bit surprised that mentees and mentors were attending the workshop together but it worked very well; it is extremely important that all parties have a shared appreciation of mentorship is and we had open discussions about our perceptions.


Sometimes these kinds of workshops (around skills and personal development) can be rather woolly and it can be difficult to pinpoint learning. Not in this case – we came away with some very clear action points – particularly about mentorship contracts or agreements – as well as a very clear sense of appropriate and inappropriate mentorship behaviours and approaches. Amy was very generous in sharing her own personal experiences and did this in a way that undoubtedly helped our learning and confidence. The learning materials were also great.


I have already applied what I learned in the workshop, particularly in advising junior colleagues about their own mentorship opportunities and approaches they might take. In summary I would say this workshop was enormously valuable and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. It enthused me about mentorship! Amy’s facilitation was however a key factor in its success.


Sussan Nourshargh

The workshop was well planned and the principal speaker Dr Amy Iversen clearly has immense interest and expertise in mentoring schemes. I also found the workshop interesting as a forum for meeting many future mentees and hearing about their expectations of the programme.


Susan Wray

I attended the Academy’s training session to familiarize myself with their scheme and also to refresh my skills, having been trained by my own institution several years ago. The training was extremely palatable, allowed us to interact with future mentee, to network and taught this old dog a few more tricks!

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