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Professor Philippa Saunders FRSE FMedSci

Job Title
Professor of Reproductive Steroids
College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
University of Edinburgh
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Impact of sex steroids on reproductive and other tissue systems; impact of gender on inflammation, steroid hormone metabolism, receptor biology and regulation of gene expression; women's health including endometriosis and endometrial cancer

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Genetics, cellular and developmental biology, microbiology and immunology

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Philippa Saunders is Director of the MRC’s Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on the actions of sex steroids on reproductive tissues. She discovered the expression of oestrogen receptors in germ cells and extrapolated this to show that germ cells are a direct target of common environmental chemicals that disrupt normal endocrine signals. Recently she discovered that the human endometrium is unexpectedly a target for androgens and thus proposed the use of androgens and anti-androgens as therapies for infertility and other uterine disorders.

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