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Professor Michael Hausser FRS FMedSci

Job Title
Professor of Neuroscience, Wellcome Principal Research Fellow
Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research
University College London (UCL)
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neuroscience: synaptic integration and computation in single neurons and neural circuits and their link to behaviour

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Anatomy, neuroscience (including neurology and neurosurgery), physiology, pharmacological sciences

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Michael Hausser is a Wellcome Principal Research Fellow and is Professor of Neuroscience at University College London. His work has led to a paradigm shift in our understanding of how single neurons contribute to computation in the mammalian brain. He has characterised the dendritic processes of single neurons, which receive the vast majority of the synaptic input. He has shown that these processes actively integrate their inputs and that this defines the input-output relationship of the neuron. The signalling mechanisms his group has discovered in dendrites have suggested new

Anniversary Fellows Meeting 2018

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Joint symposium on mental health and addiction: A discussion, exchange and sharing of perspectives

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South-East Regional Annual Lecture 2018, Oxford, 3 December

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