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Professor Allan Hoffbrand FMedSci

Job Title
Emeritus Professor of Haematology, University College London
Department of Haematology
Royal Free Hospital
Year elected



clinical, biochemical and molecular aspects of blood diseases, iron chelation, iron, vitamin B12 and folate metabolism

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Medical specialties (excluding oncology, neurology) and paediatrics

Professor Victor Hoffbrand is Emeritus Professor of Haematology at the Royal Free Hospital and School of Medicine. He has had a distinguished career in haematological research. His initial contributions involved study of the interrelationships between vitamin B12 deficiency and folate metabolism. Subsequently he turned his attention to aspects of iron chelation and was the first to report the clinical use of the oral iron chelator, deferiprone.

Anniversary Fellows Meeting 2018

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Joint symposium on mental health and addiction: A discussion, exchange and sharing of perspectives

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South-East Regional Annual Lecture 2018, Oxford, 3 December

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