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Professor Ashley Blom FMedSci

Job Title
Head of the Department of Translational Health Sciences
University of Bristol
Year elected



Orthopaedic surgery, health services research, outcomes of arthroplasty, randomised controlled trials

Section committee elected by

Surgery, anaesthesia, oncology, clinical pathologies, radiology, oral health, ophthalmology, reproductive health

Ashley Blom, Head of the Department of Translational Health Sciences at the University of Bristol, has developed a topflight internationally competitive academic programme in complex arthroplasty. He has played the leading role in the development of the National Joint Registry, the largest arthroplasty register in the world. This work has led directly to the withdrawal of failing implants, identification of outlier surgeons and units, identification of factors associated with better outcomes such as reduced mortality, and has profoundly changed the practice of arthroplasty worldwide. Professor Blom also runs an extremely prestigious international surgical fellowship scheme and makes significant contributions to curricula development and mentorship.

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