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Dr Ketan Patel FRS FMedSci

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Tenured MRC Programme Leader
Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry Division
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
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how toxins released from metabolism damage the DNA of stem cells, how alcohol metabolism contributes to certain common cancers

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Genetics, cellular and developmental biology, microbiology and immunology

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Ketan Patel has made numerous discoveries advancing our understanding of Fanconi anaemia (FA) pathogenesis at the molecular level. He has demonstrated how assembly of the multi-component ‘core’ complex formed by the FA proteins is regulated, and how this complex interacts with its key substrate. His pioneering use of somatic cell genetics in a model cell line has dissected the functions of individual components of the FA core complex, and shown how this complex coordinates the repair of a specific DNA lesion by different mechanisms. Patel’s influential discoveries have helped to shape our current understanding of Fanconi anaemia, and offered insights into the fundamental biological processes of DNA replication and repair.

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