Helix Group

The Academy now has over 100 Helix Group members who support us with an annual donation, helping us to achieve a step change in our operations and meet the growing demand for the unique expertise provided by our Fellows.

The Helix Group recognises our most significant individual supporters who donate £250 or more each year to the Academy. The funding we receive from the group go directly to our Transformation Fund, which enables us to maintain our authority and independence and initiate work to address unmet challenges in the biomedical sciences.

The 2016 Helix Newsletter illustrates what has already been achieved with the collective support from the Helix Group and others. If you would like to support the Academy to expand our policy influence and crucial support of early career researchers then please donate using the link below.

Donate now to join the Helix Group

Helix members are publically recognised on a commemorative board in our Fellow’s room, on our website and in our annual report. Members receive an annual update of Academy programmes, an invitation to the annual Helix Reception and further invitations to Academy events.

To discuss how you can support the Academy further, please contact sarah.porter@acmedsci.ac.uk

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Exemplar clinical pathways for a stratified approach to respiratory disease

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