41 Portland Place

In 2010, the Academy completed a £5 million fundraising appeal for the refurbishment of 41 Portland Place. This enabled us to create our own independent, professional headquarters in the heart of medical London. The Academy moved into the building in October 2010.  Having our own headquarters allows us to perform our mission and serve our Fellowship even more effectively.  It provides a medical science hub that is a venue for all our activities and a permanent place for our Fellows to meet. 

Learn more about 41 Portland Place, including venue hire.

We are delighted that we raised the funds to refurbish the building and are immensely grateful to everyone who generously donated to our appeal, including the Fellowship who contributed so generously to the Fellows' Appeal.

Our thanks go to:

Wellcome Trust
The Welton Foundation
The Wolfson Foundation
Laurie Landeau
The Jean Shanks Foundation
The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust
The University Hospitals Association
The Rayne Foundation
Sanofi Aventis
Sanofi Pasteur
The de Laszlo Foundation
The Kohn Foundation
The Dana Foundation
The Foundation for Liver Research

Donors to our Fellows' Appeal (listed below by year of election)


Dame Ingrid Allen
Professor Desmond Archer
Sir James Armour
Professor Peter Armstrong
Professor Michael Arthur
Professor Brigitte Askonas
Professor Jangu Banatvala
Professor David Barlow
Professor Peter Barnes
Professor Ann Barrett
Professor Sir John Bell
Professor Peter Biggs
Professor Alan Bird
Professor Colin Bird
Professor Colin Blakemore
Sir Walter Bodmer
Professor Tom Bolton
Professor Ian Bouchier
Sir Robert Boyd
Professor George Brownlee
Dame Fiona Caldicott
Professor Ian Cameron
Professor Robin Carrell
Sir David Carter
Sir Cyril Chantler
Professor David Coggon
Sir Philip Cohen
Professor Robert Cohen
Professor Alastair Compston
Professor Timothy Cox
Dr Timothy Crow
Professor Alan Cuthbert
Dame Kay Davies
Professor Adrian Dixon
Sir Colin Dollery
Professor Charles Easmon
Sir Christopher Edwards
Professor George Elder
Professor Oleg Eremin
Professor Douglas Fearon
Professor Leon Fine
Professor Pierre Foëx
Professor John Forrester
Sir Christopher France
Professor Peter Friedmann
Professor Michael Gelder
Sir Charles George
Professor Edward Gordon-Smith
Professor Brian Greenwood
Sir John Grimley Evans
Sir Andrew Haines
Professor Malcolm Harrington
Professor Frank Harris
Professor Anthony Heagerty
Professor Stephen Holgate
Sir Tim Hunt
Sir Donald Irvine
Professor Julian Jack
Professor Patricia Jacobs
Professor W. Philip T. James
Sir Alec Jeffreys
Professor Eve Johnstone
Professor Roger Jones 
Professor Dermot Kelleher
Sir Peter Lachmann
Professor John Langdon
Professor Michael Langman
Professor Ronald Laskey
Professor Ian Lauder
Dr Tomas Lindahl
Sir Alexander Macara
Professor Ian MacLennan
Professor James McEwen
Professor Peter McGuffin
Professor James McKillop
Sir Andrew McMichael 
Professor Malcolm Molyneux
Sir Peter Morris
Professor John Murray
Professor Richard Moxon
Dr Michael Neuberger
Sir Paul Nurse
Dame Bridget Ogilvie
Professor John O'Keefe
Lord Naren Patel
Sir John Pattison
Sir Stanley Peart
Professor Mark Pepys
Sir Denis Pereira Gray
Sir Keith Peters
Professor John Pickard
Sir Bruce Ponder
Professor Terence Rabbitts
Professor Martin Raff
Professor Humphrey Rang
Sir Michael Rawlins
Professor John L Reid
Professor Osmund Reynolds
Professor Charles Rodeck
Sir Michael Rutter
Professor Jonathan Sandy
Sir John Savill
Professor Anthony Seaton
Professor Patrick Sissons
Sir John Skehel
Professor Colin Smith
Professor James Smith
Professor Robert Souhami
Professor Harrison C Spencer
Professor Mike Spyer
Professor Robert Stout
Sir Richard Sykes
Professor Anne Tattersfield
Professor John Todd
Professor Stephen Tomlinson
Lord Leslie Turnberg of Cheadle
Professor Dame Turner-Warwick
Professor Martin Vessey
Professor Herman Waldmann
Sir Mark Walport
Lord  Walton of Detchant
Sir David Weatherall
Professor Anthony Weetman
Professor Robin Weiss
Sir Dillwyn Williams
Lord Robert Winston
Professor John Wyke
Professor Andrew Wyllie

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