Developing talented researchers

The Academy is an authoritative voice on the development of training and career pathways and a source of inspiration, information and personal support for early-career biomedical researchers. 

Our priorities under this objective include developing innovative support schemes for researchers, networking researchers across disciplinary boundaries and fostering research independence. Key to the success of these priorities is the support and work of the Fellowship. Academy Fellows act as mentors and speakers at events, as well as serving as reviewers and panel members for our grants schemes. 

We have a number of initiatives that support early career researchers and encourage people to embark on a research career. Our funding schemes target key points in the academic training pathway and encourage international collaboration and career development. In all cases, our schemes are run in partnership with other funders, leveraging considerable financial resource and allowing us to reach across the breadth of the medical research community.

The Academy’s acclaimed mentoring scheme is at the heart of our support for academic career development, widely recognised for the effective support it provides to early career academics. Our career development events provide opportunities for researchers to network with Fellows, research funders and senior colleagues, as well as to discuss issues around training, funding and professional development. We also aim to influence UK policies on academic training and career structures for biomedical researchers, responding to changes in the landscape of biomedical careers and future opportunities and challenges.

Working independently and in partnership, we seek to ensure that UK policy in areas such as immigration facilitates mobility and collaboration among medical scientists. We also offer a number of research opportunities that enable closer collaboration between UK researchers and those from overseas. Our international grant schemes offer opportunities to researchers from overseas, while funders in our partner countries offer similar opportunities to UK researchers

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