Seizing international opportunities

The Academy strives to ensure that the UK takes a leadership role in tackling global challenges and in enabling excellent people to move and collaborate across national boundaries.

In delivering these aims we draw on the expertise of our Fellows working in the UK and overseas and on our partnerships, particularly with our sister Academies, across the world. 

We work with policymakers to ensure that the UK’s position on EU policy issues, such as the use of patient data in research, facilitates (and is informed by) medical research. An important part of this work is ensuring that UK research and innovation continues to lead the world, following the UK's referendum vote to leave the EU.

We support the Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM) to ensure that it becomes an influential source of expertise and advice for European policymakers working in health, research and research regulation. We are working closely with FEAM as the new Scientific Advice Mechanism for Europe is developed.

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