Novartis Foundation dinner meetings


A 17th century view of hysteria: Sir Russell Brain (Lord Brain), Neuroendocrinology in art: S. J. Folley & The exploitation by primitive peoples of the milk ejection reflex: E. C. Amoroso, 17 May 1960

A savage arena: man at high altitude: C. Clarke, 10 February 1993

A voyage to the Antarctic: O. G. Edholm, 13 May 1975

AIDS-myths and realities: R. Weiss, 7 May 1997

Albania-secret country: K. Evered, 8 May 1996

An evening with Sherlock Holmes: Lord Brain, 26 April 1965

Antarctic science: R. Laws, 16 February 1994

Applied molecular biology: M. F. Perutz, 8 November 1971

Archaeology 'all conjecture about things useless'? B. Cunliffe, 5 February 1997

Aspects of unorthodox healing: E. J. Dingwall & D. Stafford-Clark & Poltergeists and Malay tricks in Cape Town: J. F. Brock, 28 May 1962

Barriers to women scientists' careers: N. Lane, 4 May 1994

Before and after the Flowers-the reorganization of London medicine: M. P. W. Godfrey, 2 May 1984

Biological solar energy conversion-fuels now and in the future: D. O. Hall, 11 February 1981

Borgo a Mozzano: L. E. Virone, 2 November 1964

Building a new medical school: Lord Taylor, 7 May 1974

Clinical academic careers: Sir Rex Richards, 13 May 1998

Common enemy: death by stupidity: P. Boissier, 3 March 1970

Darwin and evolution: A. F. Huxley, 3 November 1982

Developments in palliative care: Dame Cicely Saunders, 14 November 1990

Early infantile autism: C. Ounsted, 31 October 1966

Editorial peer review: S. Lock, 12 November 1986

Environment trends in the past ten years: M. Holgate, 10 February 1982

Environmentalists depend on industrialists in the last analysis: C. Hines, 30 January 1991

Expert evidence: G. Lloyd Jacob, 1 March 1965

Facilities for drug evaluation: D. Dunlop, 26 February 1968

Finding out about colds: D. Tyrrell, 12 February 1992

Forecasting the weather: J. Mason, 5 November 1980

Genetic engineering: H. Harris, 6 November 1973

Hazards from naturally occurring poisons: J. M. Barnes, The dialectics of genetical scares: H. Kalmus, 1 June 1964

Implications of modifying normal and abnormal personality: The Lord Bishop of Durham (I. T. Ramsey), 30 October 1967

Industrial revolution and health care: S. P. Martin, 17 November 1970

Introducing natural history to the public: R. Hedley, 4 May 1983

Kew and its relevance to the needs of today: J. P. Brenan, 9 May 1979

Make the past serve the present: archaeology in China today: M. Sullivan, 6 July 1977

Making public policy in areas of medical-moral concern: I. Kennedy, 31 January 1990

Medical and physiological problems in relation to the North Sea oil industry: K. W. Donald, 4 May 1977

Medical education in research in Africa, Asia and Australasia: J. McMichael & F. G. Young, 8 May 1961

Medical technology: who decides? The role of consensus development conferences: B. Stocking, 1 May 1985

Medicine and the Common Market: Lord Cohen of Birkenhead, 17 July 1967

Medicine in the media-handle with care: M. Swann, 7 November 1979

Molecular genetics and development in medical practice: D. J. Weatherall, 20 May 1987

Motivation in research: H. MacLennan, 2 June 1969

Novel techniques and crop improvements: B. J. Miflin, 13 February 1985

Obsolescence as a human dilemma: J. Marsh, 25 November 1968

Parapsychology: problems and prospects: R. Morris,10 May 1995

Personal reward, stress, and survival in desert and polar exploration: J. D. Hillaby & V. Fuchs, 22 November 1965

Physiological effects on animal smells: H. M. Bruce & A. S. Parkes & Recent developments in regard to 'queen substance': C. G. Butler, 31 October 1960

Plans for an independent university: E. Chain, 16 October 1969

Pollution and politics: Lord Ashby, 9 July 1973

Presenting science to the public: a long-term view of changes and trends: A. Meadows,1 February 1995

Race, colour and intelligence: L. van der Post, 13 November 1972

Recent experiences in Ethiopia: G. E. W. Wolstenholme, 28 October 1963

Research-a great adventure or a headache of our time: A. von Muralt, 27 February 1967

Rich but hungry: A. Brearley-Smith, 30 April 1986

Risk: Sir Richard Southwood, 27 April 1988

Robert Adam and his brothers: S. E. T. Cusdin, 8 July 1974

Royal Commission on medical education: five years after: Lord Todd, 5 March 1973

School science, real science: some issues in modern science curriculum debates: A. Lucas, 12 February 1986

Science and antiscience: L. Wolpert, 28 January 1987

Science and religion: J. C. Polkinghorne, 19 April 1989

Science and the media: I. Fells, 9 November 1988

Science policy: H. Bondi, 8 March 1978

Senior scientists, their use and abuse: A. A. Miles, 18 February 1969

Situs inversus viscerum in the rat: A. Haddow & R. J. Goldacre, Recent work on inositol: R. M. C. Dawson & Psilocybin (isolated from Mexican mushrooms) H. Isbell, 7 March 1960

Sport, exercise and health: R. G. Bannister, 2 November 1983

Stresses and strains in specialist training and postgraduate medical education in the EEC: C. C. Booth, 7 July 1976

The acceptability of radiation risks: E. E. Pochin, 14 March 1979

The barrier function of the small intestinal mucous membrane: A. C. Frazer &Some implications of the use of food additives: M. Pyke, 10 July 1961

The brain drain: G. Pincus, 2 May 1966

The Child-to-Child Trust: D. Morley, 8 May 1991

The development of scientific and medical contacts with the People's Republic of China: M. G. P. Stoker & B. Morson, 6 May 1981

The dilemma in modem drug research: F. Gross, 4 March 1975

The eclipse is coming...: J. Parkinson, 11 February 1999

The European Advisory Committee on medical training: J. N. Walton, 29 November 1978

The evaluation of scientific research: C. H. G. Oldham, 15 February 1984

The food they painted: R. A. McCance & Some aspects of fruit symbolism in the visual arts: E. H. J. Gombrich, 27 May 1963

The future of the British Museum and the national libraries: J. Wolfenden, 28 February 1972

The future of the universities: A. B. Pippard, 4 November 1987

The general physician-has he a future? J. Richardson, 4 May 1970

The health of the Tristan da Cunha islanders: H. E. Lewis &The mental capacity of the Tristan children: G. Keir, 18 February 1963

The impossible mind of machines: I. Aleksander,14 February 1996

The International Year of Disabled People: F. Lane-Fox, 4 November 1981

The mentally retarded child: O. H. Wolff, 5 July 1971

The need for specialist associations: Baroness Masham of Ilton & A. Bond, 5 May 1976

The new age of tropical medicine: K. S. Warren, 3 February 1988

The new Faculty of Community Medicine: A. L. Cochrane, 17 July 1972

The official face of co-operation in medical research in Europe: J. A. B. Gray, 8 November 1974

The organization of disaster relief: D. J. Piggott, 5 May 1982

The origins of life in the future: G. Cairns Smith, 25 January 1989

The problems of alcohol: A. W. Clare, 7 November 1984

The public's perception of science: R. L. Gregory, 29 November 1989

The selection of medical students-logic or lottery: P. Richards, 13 November 1985

The state of British science: D. Noble, 25 April 1990

The United World Colleges and the development of international education: R. Blackburn, 9 March 1971

The work of the Nuffield Foundation: L. Farrer-Brown, 24 February 1964

The Yeti scalp: L. Harrison Matthews, The origin of the alleged head of Simon of Sudbury: F. G. Young &Some cases of decapitation including Charles I: F. Camps, 6 February 1961

Thoughts on education: G. W. Pickering, 27 May 1968

Violence as disease: M. Roth, 7 May 1980

What are museums for? N. Cossons, 29 April 1992

What are science correspondents for? B. Dixon, 2 March 1983

What are zoos for? C. Tudge, 12 May 1993

What did Einstein, Braque and Picasso have in common? A. Miller, 4 February 1998

Where Nash meets Adam: a fragment of local history: J. Summerson, 5 March 1980

World Research Hospital in Dublin: V. O'Sullivan, 1 March 1966

Symposium on medical imaging and artificial intelligence

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