Novartis Foundation annual lectures


1949 The analogue as an instrument in biological research - E. C. Dodds (UK)

1950 The role of suprarenal cortical function in disorders of childhood - C. S. Hicks (UK)

1951 Sex hormones in diabetes - B. A. Houssay (Argentina)

1952 The action of ovarian hormones on uterine muscle - G. W Corner, A. Csapo (USA)

1953 Neurophysiology: old and new facts and theories - A. von Muralt (Switzerland) 

1954 The problem of virulence in virus disease - F. M. Burnet (Australia)

1955 Hypophysectomy in diabetes - H. Olivecrona (Sweden)

1956 Recent advances in the chemistry of natural products - R. B. Woodward (USA)

1957 State and stability of proteins in aqueous solution - K. U. Linderstrøm-Lang (Denmark)

1958 Experimental basis of neuroleptic and tranquilizing therapy - D. Bovet (Italy) - 1959 Le rôle de l'intuition dans la recherche médicale - P. Valléry-Radot (France)

1960 Changing concepts concerning physiological mechanisms of animal motor behaviour - J. Konorski (Poland)

1961 Synthetic macromolecules as protein models - E. Katchalski (Israel)

1962 The future of man: evolutionary aspects: J. S. Huxley (UK)

1963 Perspectives in protein malnutrition - V. Ramalingaswami (India)

1964 Metabolic multipotentiality of malignant cells - J. Waldenstrøm (Sweden)

1965 Conflict in primate society - S. L. Washburn (USA)

1966 Role of the Golgi complex in secretion - C. P. Leblond (Canada)

1967 Will this man be dangerous? - G. K. Stürup (Denmark)

1968 Protein evolution and relations to protein structure - E. L. Smith (USA)

1969 Sleep and instinctive behaviour - G. Moruzzi (Italy)

1970 Insect hormones as potential insecticides - F. Sorm (Czechoslovakia)

1971 Enzyme-coenzyme interactions in liver alcohol dehydrogenases - H. Theorell (Sweden)

1972 Computer-assisted analysis of complex synthetic problems - E. J. Corey (USA)

1973 Structural basis of stability and ageing of enzymes - B. Straub (Hungary)

1974 The beginnings of intellectual skill - J. S. Bruner (USA/UK)

1975 Ten years of immunotherapy in leukaemia and cancer pharmacology, indications, results, and perspectives - G. Mathé (France)

1976 ADP-ribosylation of proteins and its biological significance - O. Hayaishi (Japan)

1977 Ion transport across membranes from a viewpoint of an organic chemist - Y. A. Ovchinnikov (USSR)

1978 Differentiation of lymphocytes and the continuing puzzle of self-recognition - G. V. R. Nossal (Australia)

1979 The right to be different - S. Doxiadis (Greece)

1980 The resources and resourcefulness of agriculture - L. Evans (Australia)

1981 Chemical neurotransmission yesterday and today - U. von Euler (Sweden)

1982 Chemistry which imitates biochemistry: artificial enzymes - R. Breslow (USA)

1983 Host-parasite dynamics and the control of disease - R. M. May (USA)

1984 Aspects of the ecology of the Southern Ocean - R. Laws (UK)

1985 Cell and molecular biological approaches to the study of learning - E. Kandel (USA)

1986 New strategies for controlling tropical diseases - A. Lucas (USA)

1987 A new view on hearing-motor function in the mammalian hearing organ - Å. Flock (Sweden)

1988 Supramolecular chemistry: scope and perspective - J.-M. Lehn (France)

1992 Schizophrenia: a brain teaser - Professor Julian Leff

1993 How children learn language: natural magic or long, long haul? - Professor Jean Aitchison

1994 Allergy: a disease of civilization - Professor Stephen Holgate

1995 When the running has to stop - Dr Eric A. Newsholme

1996 Mothers, babies and disease in later life - Professor David Barker

1997 The outside world inside your head: a tour of the senses and how we deal with them - Professor Susan Greenfield

1998 Understanding dyslexia - Professor Margaret Snowling

1999 Can machines think? - Dr Michael Lockwood

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